Lumbani Chilenga Investments Limited (LC), a wholly-owned Zambian company founded by Gideon Lumbani Chilenga in 2009. Since our inception, we have continually expanded our portfolio, beginning with our inaugural project, the Agriculture Publication.

1.    Agricoop Newspaper:

Established in 2009, Agricoop Newspaper aims to bridge the information gap between small to medium-scale farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture sector.

2.    Agricoop Farm:

Spanning a 3-acre land, Agricoop Farm specializes in the production of vegetables and poultry. Our commitment is to ensure the production of high-quality, sustainable agricultural products.

3.    Agricoop Award:

The Agricoop Awards, initiated in 2022, celebrate the outstanding farmers in Zambia, recognizing their achievements and innovations. Open to farmers nationwide, these awards aim to honor excellence and encourage continuous improvement in the agricultural sector.

4.    Farmers Choice Awards Southern Africa:

Launched in 2023, the Farmers Choice Awards highlight the best of Southern Africa's Agro Industry. Our mission is to acknowledge and spotlight exceptional agro companies, institutions, organizations, and individuals whose contributions have strengthened Southern Africa's position as the next global economic powerhouse.
Our target markets are: Commercial farmers, Cooperatives, Agriculture stakeholders, Small and medium Scale Farmers.
This monthly publication is distributed in both hard and soft copies.

Hard copies are available through our agents, selected Agro Dealers, and National Agriculture Information Offices.

Soft copies are distributed via our website, emails, and WhatsApp groups, with the goal of providing easily accessible information to farmers.
Our vision is to be the leading provider of Agriculture information.
Our mission is to provide world-class information to the agriculture sector.
  • To provide information on new innovations and technologies on the agriculture sector

  • To provide an advertising platform to companies and individuals, that deal in Agri-culture products and services.