The AgriCoop Awards 2023


The Awards celebrate the very best farmers in Zambia by recognizing their achievements and innovations, the awards are open to all farmers across the country
Join us in celebrating farming and put farmers center stage.

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“This is a great initiative which is different from what we are accustomed to, as this awards bring individual farmers from across the country to display their innovation and get awarded for their hard work”
Dr. Chizumba Shepande
Director - Min of Agriculture
“These awards are unprecedented, it is about time we started celebrating and appreciated our farmers for their hard work”
Mr Mtiziwa Kumwenda
Technical Sales Director - ATS
“For a longer period farmers have not been awarded, as AgriCm invesment, we are proud to be associated with the awards and we encourage more farmer to enter for the awards”
Christopher Muzundu
Director - AgriCM