January 4, 2024

AS we always say and will continue to emphasize that a farmer needs good seed in order to achieve a better harvest.

And SeedCo is the company that invest the very best of its resources in research to come up with the best seed that will enable farmers to be successful in their agriculture business.

The good seed that SeedCo is bringing this time around more especially to the vegetable farmers is SCV MAJESTY CABBAGE.

This is a good hybrid Cabbage with head weighing up to 6kg\head Reaches physiological maturity in about 75 - 80 days.  

Product Characteristic details

Description: An early maturing hybrid Cabbage for both Summer and Winter Slots, with very good heat tolerance, bolting tolerance ensuring production of high -quality crop.

Type: The Cabbage has an attractive bluish green color; head has firm internal structure which is highly sought after by marketeers.

Plant population: 35,000 -40,000 Plants per hectare.

Fruit (Head): SCV Majesty has a very firm flat round shaped head and excellent flavor.

Average Fruit weight: 5-6kg.

Maturity: 75 – 80 days from transplanting to maturity. Maturity is very uniform with high first cut % of not less than 90%with good field holding ability of 14+ days.

Vegetable farmers can get in touch with SeedCo agronomists who will be more than ready to assist them in whatever way concerning SC Majesty Cabbage.

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