MOReDeP promotes mechanised rice production in chitambo

June 7, 2023

By Chisanga Morgan

As demand for rice increases in the country, the Ministry of Agriculture has partnered with Japan

International Corporation Agency (JICA) through Market Oriented Rice Development Project

(MOReDeP) to promote rice mechanization among small-scale farmers in Chitambo so as

increase their productivity.                                                                                        

MOReDeP has in recent parts expressed worry by the poor quality of rice grains being produced

by the small scale farmers in Chitambo district due to poor methods of harvesting and the type of

tools used.

Speaking during a demonstration of rice mechanization equipment held in collaboration with

Honda Zambia, MOReDeP rice researcher Shu Komatsubara observed that the major challenge

faced was poor quality of rice grains being produced by the small scale farmers due to poor

methods of harvesting by rice farmers in the district

He further said rice farmers in the district lacked mechanization equipment to expedite the land

preparation, planting and harvesting.

Mr Shu however expressed happiness that the equipment demonstration that was recently held

was a step in the right direction in that rice growers in the district have been exposed to good rice

practices which involves harvesting of the grain at the right time, using the correct tools and

producing of quality rice and profit maximization.

“In order to increase production and the quality of rice and reduce high post-harvest losses

among small-scale farmers in the district, the Ministry of Agriculture is working hand in hand

with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through the Market Oriented Rice

Development Projects (MOReDeP).” Mr. Shu explained.

And Honda Zambia General Manager Mr. Nicholas Comana has advised farmers in the district

to always use the right tools in rice production for better results.

Mr Comana said not only do modern and mechanized rice harvesting technologies reduce post-

harvest losses but also reduces human drudgery

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