Small-scale farmers remain in poverty - Nyendwa

November 7, 2023


Corteva  Agri-science Managing Director Samson Nyendwa says despite small-scale farmers being the major producer of maize in the country, they still remain in poverty.

Mr. Nyendwa said 90 per cent of the country's staple food is produced by small-scale farmers and yet they still live in grass thatched houses.

He observed that the reason why they have remained poor is because there production has not been cost effective.

Mr. Nyendwa commended the Government for settling for a cost reflective price of maize.

He further called on farmers to adopt technologies such as irrigation, high yielding and climate resilient seeds in order to increase production.

"It's regrettable that despite statistics showing that 90 percent of maize is produced by small scale farmers,the levels of poverty among them is unimaginable.

"Why are they in poverty ? the reason is simple, the production has not been cost effective, "he said.

Meanwhile President Hakainde Hichilema announced  Government that has secured a market for Zambian farmers to supply maize to Tanzania and Malawi.

The pronouncement was made during the 117 Zambia National Farmers union annual general conference in Lusaka.

Mr. Hichilema disclosed that the market is worth 500-US-dollars per tonne to the two and other countries.

The head of state assured ZNFU that government will never deceive farmers as there key in economic development.

He explained that government through the ministry of agriculture will ensure that there is consistent price and market for maize.

President Hichilema called ZNFU to work with other stakeholders to find solutions to increase maize production.

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