University of Zambia VC Warns of Climate Change

November 7, 2023

University of Zambia vice Chancellor Annie Sikwiebele says rainfall patterns, increased frequency of droughts and floods all pose significant threats to Agriculture.

Prof Sikwiebele said this has also threatened water security and the well being of the Zambian communities.

She noted that climate also distracts learning process and cause damage to educational infrastructure.

She stated that it was essential to acknowledge the challenges adding that it is equally important to recognize the immense opportunities they can offer towards behavioural change.

Prof Sikwiebele said Zambia like other country in the world has not been spared with the effects of climate change.

Meanwhile Green Economy minister Colins Nzovu observed that climate change has greatly affected food security ecosystem and natural resources integrity.

Mr Nzovu said there is need for comprehensive and holistic initiatives to integrate climate change learning informal and non informal education systems and capacity building packages.

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